Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More than a month in Berlin

1 month and 6 days in Berlin!
I don't know where time has gone! I have already been here for more than a month and so much has happened. I have not had internet access the past 2 weeks (after work), so I have not been so good at updating you on my adventures. It may seem like I am trying to fit a whole lot of info into one blog... and I am!

Finansamt - the picture says it all!
Last time I wrote I had been to the Bürgeramt to register in Berlin. Then I went to the Finansamt (to get tax no.) and my gosh that place was taken out of the 70s movie (but actually so was the Bürgeramt)! The lady was so sweet but it was as if time had been standing still and she had old red retro vases on her worn down dark wood cabinets fillet with paper files. The wallpaper was old and looked more yellow than white and on her desk stood a teddy cup for pens, a teddy figure and a lot of other almost antique items ;). Only took 15mins there and then I could go to the bank to get myself a bank account afterwards, so I can get my pay check and also get my internet!

Living without... INTERNET!
It is funny how isolated I felt the first few days without internet at my home. It stressed me that I could not write this blog and emails etc. Suddenly I began feeling it was a bit of a relief, cause I could not spend hours on facebook, surfing the web. Instead I enjoyed hot baths in my new bathtub, read a book, meditated or went to bed early! I could feel how my mind actually benefited from this! I was more calm and slept better too.

My name on MY door!
Miss Hall's Cave
I moved into my fantastic and cozy little flat (35m2) last week and I love it. I have a huge bathroom with bathtub and washing mashine (!) and big modern kitchen with dishwasher (!). Have a balcony overlooking a beautiful park and I feel so at home there. I love coming home after a long day at work and knowing that this is my place and I can do exactly what I want and have things the way I want them to be. I have a huge closet with room for all my things and more, so i don't have to cramp it all into a tiny space anymore. To me this is magic! My first night there I had no cutlery only a gold spoon which the previous owner had left. I ate my dinner with this while looking at the only picture in the flat he had left: a picture of $ sign! This was a little funky and I had to laugh. Gold spoons and pictures of dollars are not items I have had in my flats before. I dare say the $ picture has been taken down and will be replaced by something less materialistic ;)

How's Work?
A history of MAC's - pass this on my way to work!
I so enjoy walking to work in the mornings with all the other Berliners, knowing that I am also going to work. I am not just a tourist here anymore! It makes me smile every time I think about it. I love my team and bosses at work. I work from 9.30 - 18.30 (which is normal here) and have one hours lunch. Most people go out for lunch at one of the many cafe's offering delicious lunch for only 3-4 euros. I found a Vegan place the other day and this has become my fave! Homemade soup (filling too) for only 3,5 euros! I still have to get used to sitting down for so many hours per day... and I need to enroll in a gym to get my exercise and avoid gravity kicking in all of a sudden because I have been to lazy and not taken good enough care of that precious body of mine ;) Just think how important your body is - it carries you for miles and miles and we often forget to treat it with proper food, exercise or even a relaxing massage! Also, it actually gives me extra energy to work out. I do my 5 tibethan yoga exercises every morning along with a quick meditation (at the moment Deepak Chopras 21 day meditation) but it is not quite enough for me. Note to self: remember to take excellent care of your body!

What about my music!?
I have not had time to do anymore music since I got here as I have to admit all the practical things and starting a new job have used all my energy. Once I am off from work I have almost collapsed on the bed. I am looking forward to coming home and not having something practical to think of and being able to just relax or write some music! I hope to get to this point next weekend ;) I guess I have not really had time to actually grasp the fact the I have moved to another country and live and work here now. It all went so fast and I have been so busy.
Das ist so Berlin!

Today I was sent a song and asked to do vocals for it and I could feel how I long to sing and write lyrics. I am so happy I was reminded of this today as I know this will recharge my batteries. I need to get my music up and running again here in Berlin as this is such a huge part of me. Note to self; don't neglect doing the things you are passionate about that GIVE you such an energy boost!

Before I left DK I had one of my songs produced and as soon as I have time for it I will make a video for it and share it all with you! Been talking to some creative minds here in Berlin and I am sure we'll come up with some magic together. I love the song and I am sure you'll enjoy it too.

Natascha (Bat for Lashes) performing in Berlin
Bat for Lashes Concert here in Berlin. 
Ah, I almost forgot to mention I went to Bat for Lashes concert here in Berlin a few weeks ago. It is by far one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I almost cried twice as Natascha (the singer) sang so beautifully and passionately and she just was her music 100%. It was especially the song Laura that got to me - man she sang that well! You must check out her new album - it is super! I felt so inspired and also a huge admiration for her talent. She looked like an angel as she performed with such ease grasping the entire crowd and holding us in her hand the entire 2 hours. Note to self; Go to more concerts and get inspired!

Xmas Party time!
On Friday I am going to a huge xmas bash at my company. I cant wait. It will be massive and in spite of the theme being Golden and James Bond I am gonna go in my little black dress, very high black pumps, black bag and I may just paint my nails gold! So, no Golden outfit for Miss Hall this time... I have a heart of Gold and that must be enough ;)

I wish you all a fantastic day, night and evening.

Peace and Love to you all from me and Berlin,

Nina xxx

Monday, November 05, 2012

Ich bin ein Berl-ina

Day 14 in Berlin.
Got there 40mins before they opened and already 7 before me!
Today it is Monday the 5th of November and I have been in Berlin for exactly 2 weeks. I should go to bed right now, but I just have to share this with you first. I can’t believe it. Time has gone so fast and so much has happened in this short space of time. I have begun a great job with fantastic colleagues and I learn a lot every day.

Today I went to the Bürgeramt here in Berlin and got my official paper stating that I live here in Berlin. No, it ain't a certificate stating I can eat all the burgers I want! It means that I can stay here in Berlin forever if I like. It is entirely up to me. It feels so good! I still can't quite grasp that I live and work here! I quite often find myself smiling about it all - my own little secretive smile.

Everything has just gone so smooth for me since I began following my heart and just doing what feels right. I know it may sound “airy-fairy” and “naive” or whatever to some, but to me it is the right way of living life. Life was not meant to be hard and we were not meant to be unhappy or feeling “lost”. We are meant to be happy and feel love and give love. I love life and the more I love what I do the more love I can give to those around me. To me this completes the circle. To me life is about feeling good and once your own battery is charged you have extra energy to help others. If you don’t remember to charge your own battery first, you run flat and then you are not gonna get yourself or anyone anywhere. Then you stagnate and stay put in whatever situation you stranded in. To remember to focus on YOU instead of everyone else is not selfish – it is self-preservation and in the end it benefits everyone ;)
Do you chose to take the stairs or jump on the train?
Yesterday I walked home from Alexander Plats and passed one of my fave places in Mitte. I looked up at a building by the park and thought to myself, as I have many times before, that I would love to live there. It is close to nature, my sister, my job and a great area. I imagined what the flats looked like inside and that I lived there. It felt good. I like to imagine myself already living the life I desire and you know what … it is all coming true!

When I got home from work today my sisters husband got a phone call. It was from a lady who knows I am looking for a flat, as we told her the 2nd day I was here. She called to say a flat was vacant in that very building I had been looking at yesterday! I have told no one I wanted to live there! I was SO amazed and bewildered. My heart jumped and I felt like crying.
I am going to see the flat on Thursday and I am so excited and grateful.

I hope my adventure will inspire you to let go of some (or all) of your worries and fear of the unknown and start believing that you too can attract what you desire in life and that your life can be happy and rewarding – if you just let it. I am the living proof of this!

Love from Berlin