Monday, November 05, 2012

Ich bin ein Berl-ina

Day 14 in Berlin.
Got there 40mins before they opened and already 7 before me!
Today it is Monday the 5th of November and I have been in Berlin for exactly 2 weeks. I should go to bed right now, but I just have to share this with you first. I can’t believe it. Time has gone so fast and so much has happened in this short space of time. I have begun a great job with fantastic colleagues and I learn a lot every day.

Today I went to the B├╝rgeramt here in Berlin and got my official paper stating that I live here in Berlin. No, it ain't a certificate stating I can eat all the burgers I want! It means that I can stay here in Berlin forever if I like. It is entirely up to me. It feels so good! I still can't quite grasp that I live and work here! I quite often find myself smiling about it all - my own little secretive smile.

Everything has just gone so smooth for me since I began following my heart and just doing what feels right. I know it may sound “airy-fairy” and “naive” or whatever to some, but to me it is the right way of living life. Life was not meant to be hard and we were not meant to be unhappy or feeling “lost”. We are meant to be happy and feel love and give love. I love life and the more I love what I do the more love I can give to those around me. To me this completes the circle. To me life is about feeling good and once your own battery is charged you have extra energy to help others. If you don’t remember to charge your own battery first, you run flat and then you are not gonna get yourself or anyone anywhere. Then you stagnate and stay put in whatever situation you stranded in. To remember to focus on YOU instead of everyone else is not selfish – it is self-preservation and in the end it benefits everyone ;)
Do you chose to take the stairs or jump on the train?
Yesterday I walked home from Alexander Plats and passed one of my fave places in Mitte. I looked up at a building by the park and thought to myself, as I have many times before, that I would love to live there. It is close to nature, my sister, my job and a great area. I imagined what the flats looked like inside and that I lived there. It felt good. I like to imagine myself already living the life I desire and you know what … it is all coming true!

When I got home from work today my sisters husband got a phone call. It was from a lady who knows I am looking for a flat, as we told her the 2nd day I was here. She called to say a flat was vacant in that very building I had been looking at yesterday! I have told no one I wanted to live there! I was SO amazed and bewildered. My heart jumped and I felt like crying.
I am going to see the flat on Thursday and I am so excited and grateful.

I hope my adventure will inspire you to let go of some (or all) of your worries and fear of the unknown and start believing that you too can attract what you desire in life and that your life can be happy and rewarding – if you just let it. I am the living proof of this!

Love from Berlin

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Christina H.N. said...

Love this story Nins. Dreams come true!