Monday, June 03, 2013

12 days - the countdown has begun !

The flyer for the event
In exactly 12 days I will be on a large stage with dancers and 3-4000 people in the audience giving my very first big live performance of Better off Alone at Detlef D! Soost's L├Ądtzur Deutschen Meisterchaft in Movie Park Germany. I am so excited. 

So, now the preparations begin. This week I am going to meet up with the dancers and rehearse the show. I need to learn some dance moves that fit their choreography and I am excited about singing and remembering dance moves at the same time!

Everyday until the 15th I will be practicing my song and dancing, so I have a calm confident feeling inside when I enter the stage on the 15th. Practice, practice, practice - that is the only way to feel calm (alongside some great deep breathing that relaxes my mind and keeps me focused). Then I know I've done my part to make it all work. My sister will be performing there too which I am so happy about - having her around will in itself be a blessing.  

On Tuesday I will begin my official videoblog for D's Worlds Website and so all the people who are watching the show can follow my preparations. The dancers from all the 144 danceschools here in Germany will be asked to do their own choreography for my song and the best team will win a prize. 
How cool is that. can't wait to see all the good videos!

So stay tuned and soon you'll be able to follow my videoblog too!

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