Monday, June 24, 2013

Video from my first BIG solo performance in Germany.

Biggest indoor venue I performed at so far - Movie Park!
It has been one week since I performed Better off Alone live with dancers at D's World Competition Finals in Movie Park (Botropp) Germany for close to 4000 people.

We arrived 1 hour late on Friday due to heavy traffic, but I guess the crew there are used to delays, cause everyone was nice, friendly and very chilled. The stage and whole room looked so big and I felt immediate excitement. I was hoping my voice would be better in the morning, cause like every one else at the moment I caught this throat virus and was coughing, blowing my nose all the time and feeling a bit off. Kind of typical before a big performance! I could sing, but no way near my normal full-power. Anyway, I just had to give it all I got even with a cold. Nothing was gonna stop me - or definately not a cold!

I slept well and got up on Saturday feeling relaxed. Much to my surprise I was not nervous - merely excited. I was sure it would come later. Actually it never did. I have practiced so much that I knew I could not do more to make it better. This knowledge made me relax. I just had to do my best and if I made a mistake well, then so be it - I am after all only human.

The performance went very well and the crowd was amazing and what a great atmosphere! I even remembered all my dance moves and felt so good with talented and sweet dancers around me ;) When I was done I wished I had more songs cause I could have stayed on the stage and sung so much more. That will be next time.

Soundcheck over and I'm ready!
I am truly grateful that I am able to go onto a huge stage and pull off a show for so many people while being able to fully enjoy it without my nerves ruining it for me. Normally I would be so nervous about what others would think about my show and voice, that I would not enjoy performing as much. Now it is so different for me. I guess it has a lot to do with daring to be "vulnerable" and no longer fearing failure or making mistakes in the same way as I used to. This development I owe to Brene Browns brilliant Ted Talk about "Daring to be vulnerable" and authentic and "non-perfect".

No one is perfect, so why do we all aim to be so and then hit ourselves over the head when we feel we are not living up to these high ideals (which for most of our sakes is almost all the time). It is such a self-destructive and negative slant to take. I tell ya this - life is way more fun when you go more easy on yourself and allow yourself to make mistakes. Just learn from them, grow from them and never (!) let them block your way.

I am looking forward to perform at Park cafe in Copenhagen (Denmark) on the 6th of July and also at REWE Family Festival in Berlin on the 3rd of August.  I am so grateful I get all these fantastic experiences. Just keep bringing them on - I am ready!

Below is a link to the video of my performance last week. My sister is the gorgeous girl hosting the show. I love her so and how lucky we are to be able to support each other on our adventures. 

Nina Hall Live in Movie Park Germany

Just before finishing my blogpost today I came across this quote on facebook! It is by none other than Madonna. I admire her for her courage to dare to be different, dare to be loved and hated and for her dedication to always go after what she wants with what seems to be unwavering faith.

"I've been popular & unpopular, successful & unsuccessful, loved & loathed. I know how meaningless it all is, therefore I feel free to take whatever risks I want. I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in & going after your dreams..." MADONNA

Love to you all,


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